Welcome to Novo College

Novo College is a school for boys and girls between 11,5 and 18 years of age who have not yet mastered the Dutch language. This may be the case if you recently moved to the Netherlands because your parents work here, but also if you lived in a country where it wasn’t safe to live and you had to flee.

Students from around 60 different countries, including every continent, attend our school. To reflect these various backgrounds, we chose the name Novo College: here, regardless of where you came from, you start a new life in a new country at a new school.  Our logo, drawn above the school’s name, has the same meaning. What you see is an old tree, which represents the place where you lived and where your roots remain. Under the tree, a seed has sprouted: a new beginning in this school and country, where you can continue to grow.

Although the name Novo College and our logo were chosen in 2019, the school itself has provided education for newcomers for more than 30 years. Our school is part of the LVO Foundation, an educational organization funded by the Dutch government, with a total of 23 different locations in Limburg and southeast Brabant. The LVO Foundation includes five schools that provide initial education for adolescents with a different language background. These “EOA” schools are situated in Maastricht (Novo College), Heerlen, Weert, Cranendonck and Horst.

If your parents/caretakers or mentor would like more information about Novo College or other LVO schools, they can contact our school via e-mail to infonovocollege@stichtinglvo.nl.