Rules and Agreements

Rules and Agreements

At Novo College we adhere to the following rules and agreements:

General rules:

  • We show respect to each other, to all staff members and to our surroundings
  • Together we are responsible for maintaining a positive environment where things run smoothly
  • We help each other where we can.
  • We all contribute to an open communication. We solve problems by talking about them.
  • We don't bully, threaten or ignore others.
  • Alcohol, drugs, weapons, smoking (and also vapen) and gambling don't belong in school.
  • There is no place for racism, discrimination or violence. 
  • We stand for a positive attitude, correct behaviour and language usage. 
  • We, the school, will always report serious matters like theft, vandalism or violence to the police.

Rules for the students of Novo College

  1. I respect the team, my fellow students and school materials.
  2. I come to every lesson on time.
  3. I inform my teacher in advance when I am going to be absent.
  4. I stay at school until my class day ends.
  5. I eat and drink during the break. A bottle of water is allowed in class.
  6. I take my school supplies with me every day.
  7. I go to the bathroom if possible only during breaks.
  8. I only use my phone in class with permission.
  9. I only listen to music in the school with headphones or earphones.
  10. I stay on the school grounds during breaks.