Rules and Agreements

At Novo College we have the following rules and agreements:

General rules:

  • We show respect to each other, to everyones personal stuff and our surroundings
  • Together we are responsible for a good atmosphere and a good course of events
  • We help each other where we can.
  • We all contribute to an open communication. We solve problems by talking about them.
  • We don't bully, threat or ignore others.
  • Alcohol, drugs, guns and gambling don't belong in school.
  • There is no place for racism, discrimination or violence. 
  • We stand for a positive attitude, correct behaviour and - use of language. 
  • Theft, destruction or violence we always report to the police.
  • With serious matters we, the school, make a declaration with the police.

Rules for students from Novo College:

  • I am respectful towards staff, teachers, fellow students and the material.
  • I am in class on time.
  • I do not wear a hat or cap in school.
  • Eating and drinking you do during breaks.
  • Everyday i bring my school stuf.
  • I go to the toilet during breaks and not during classes.
  •  I use my phone during class only with permission
  • In school i listen to music only with headphone or earplugs. 
  • I remain in school until my classes are over.
  • I do not smoke in school.