Sick or absent

Not on time
It may sometimes happen that you can’t be in school on time: maybe the bus was too late, your bike broke down or you didn’t wake up on time. If you are going to be late getting to school, your parents/caretaker need to call the school at 088-2241188 or 06-57013456. You can’t do this yourself.

Absent without reason 
If we don't know where you are when you are supposed to be in school, we will reach out to your parents or caretaker to find out where you are. If they don't know either, you are considered to be absent without a reason or skipping. If you skip school we record this in your student file. When you return to school your mentor or coordinator will ask you to explain why you have been absent. If you are absent several times without being sick or having an appointment that can’t be scheduled after school, we will contact the municipality where you live. You and your parents/caretaker will then be invited for a talk, to find a solution. If you are not able to justify your absences from school, you might have to pay a fine or appear before a judge.

Some times you may be sick and this is of course not your fault. To inform us that you won't be coming to school, your parents/caretakers need to call before 8.45 AM via number 088-2241188 or 06-57013456.

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