Sick or absent

Not on time

In some cases it could be that you can't be in school on time. Maybe the bus was too late, your bike broke down or you overslept. If you can't be in school on time your parents/caretaker have to call school. You can't do this yourself. Your parents/caretaker have to contact school via 088-2241188 and ask for miss. Gorissen.

Absent without reason 

If we don't know where you are during the time you should be in school, we will reach out to your parents or caretaker to find out where you are. If they don't know either, you are not in school while you should have been. This we call: absent without a reason or skipping. If you skip school we write this your student-file. When you return to school your mentor or coordinator wil invide you for conversation, so you can explain why you were absent. When there are several times you are absent without being sick or having an appointment you can't go to after school, we reach out to the municipality you live in and they will invite you and your parents/caretakers for a talk. If you are not able to explain why you didn't came to school you might be given a punishment or a judge is informed.


Some times you get sick. This of course is not your fault. To inform school you can't come, your parents/caretakers have to report this to school. Your parents/caretakers have to reach out to Miss Gorissen before 08.45am via number 088-2241188.

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