Mission and Vision


Novo College is a school for First Education to Students with a Different Language Background. We see it as our mission to prepare students, who are not yet familiar with the Dutch language, for the Dutch society and educational system. We don't differentiate when it comes to origin, gender or religion. The way we do this you can read in our vision. 


Novo College is providing education for students who are not yet or hardly familiar with the Dutch language. We believe education to this group is much more than just teaching the dutch language. To us the wellbeing of the students is as important. Our school therefore works with teachers and staff who are specially trained to work with these students. To us it is crucial that students are provided education in a safe environment, and positive pedagogic climate. 

The educational aim for Novo College is to prepare students for the regular secondary education, profession education, integration or work. Beside learning the dutch language we provide math, English, citizenship, practical- and sportskills. For more information about our whole curriculum you can visit the page course schedule and -times, which you can als find on this page.

Within our school we provide extra care for the learning proces of the students. We strive to provide small-scale education, where the level of understanding and capacities determine in which group a student is placed. Measuring of the learning progress and wellbeing of the student is done through approved tests. The results of these tests and the advised traject is communicated with the student and their parents/caretaker or mentor and documented in a student file.