Welcome at Novo College

Novo College is a school for boys and girls between the age of 11,5 and 18, who not yet speak the Dutch language. This could be the case because you recently moved to the Netherlands from another country because your parents are working here, but also if you lived in a country where it is unsafe to live and you had to flee.

Here at Novo College there are students from 38 different countries (september 2022). Every part of the world is present at our school. Thats why we decided to name our school Novo College. Novo stands for new, a new start in a new country at a new school. Our logo, the drawing next to our school name, has the same meaning. What you see is an old tree, which illustrates the place you lived in and where your roots lie. Below the tree there is a seed growing. This seed is illustrative for a new start on a new school in a new country.

Novo College has been proving education for over 30 years now. In 2019 we decided to change our name and our logo. Novo College is part of Stichting LVO. Stichting LVO is a educational foundation in Limburg and South-East Brabant, with in total 23 different locations. Stichting LVO has five schools which provide First Education for People with a Different Language. These schools are located in Maastricht, Heerlen, Weert, Cranendonck and Horst.

If your parents/caretaker or mentor would like more information about one of our schools they can contact our school via infonovocollege.nl.