Corona Updates

10/15/2020 Thursday, October 15, 2020

Letter from the coordinator

Dear pupils, parents,


As you have no heard in the press conference on October 13th, little will change for education in the period ahead. Education remains open to all pupils as much as possible. We continue to adhere to the hygiene rules at school and the lessons are given as much as possible at school and according to schedule.

Nationwide, the urgent advice now applies to wear a mask as you move through the school. On Tuesday, it was announced to require the wearing of a mask in the public indoor areas and in secondary education. It is not known when this obligation will take effect. Until then, the urgent advice applies to our school.

Hygiene rules for pupils in a row

-          You stay at home if you have any complaints or if a housemate has serious complaints (see decision tree RIVM)

-          You keep 1.5 meters away from adults

-          You cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow

-          You wash/disinfect your hands regularly and thoroughly

-          You follow the indicated walking routes in the school building

-          You wear your mask in the auditorium and in the hallways

For now we wish all pupils and their families a good and healthy autumn holiday. We'd love to see you back on Monday, October 26th!




Birgitte Kroon

Coordinator Novo College